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Friday, September 14, 2012

Free Download Avira Internet Security 2012 With Serial Working

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Free Download Avira Internet Security 2012 With Serial Working - How long your Antivirus did not updated? If you forget to update your antivirus, it is likely the virus has been lodged in your computer and can potentially damage your systemWell in this post I give you Free Download Avira Internet Security 2012 With Serial WorkingHerebelow I give a little review about this antivirus:

Review from about Avira Internet Security 2012 :

“Usability, stability, reliability and more added value to the user” seem to be the main characteristics of the new products, according to the Avira blog.

The latest creations of the security solutions provider are said to focus on other details, besides a powerful detection engine, that will provide increased protection.

A major improvement can be seen in the installation process, the Express mode being simplified considerably for the more inexperienced users. For instance, Avira Free Antivirus can now be installed in just 2 easy steps, instead of the 7 needed until this point.

Another interesting feature is the one that informs us about the potentially incompatible software that might be installed on the PC. Incompatibilities will be automatically detected and removed, allowing for compatible third party solutions to be kept.

All the elements of the applications should be more at hand, now existing multiple indicators showing its status. The issues that might occur can be easily fixed by clicking on the “Fix Error” button.

The built-in firewall has also witnessed modifications, now being able to filter IPv6 addresses and create rules for applications that use this version.

Live support will be available for the premium products, which will allow Avira technicians to connect to your computer using the Team Viewer remote access application.

According to Product Manager Sorin Mustaca, the licensing system has also been changed.

“We want our software to work for the user and not the other way around. This is why we want to help users by taking another burden from their shoulders: license renewal. Starting with this release, it is possible to configure our payment gateway to automatically renew your license,” he revealed.

Also, “The product will automatically detect that a new license has been generated and paid for and will renew its license. The user is notified via email and by product that the license has been renewed and there is no interaction required.”

A final improvement is related to the scan engine's prioritization system. This will better allow the user to choose the priority level of a scanning process according to his needs.

Avira Professional Security and Avira Server Security are also available for public beta testing.

  Free Download Avira Internet Security 2012 With Serial Working

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