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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Because of Twitter, the Swiss player Expelled from Olympics squad

Gara-gara Twitter, Pemain Swiss Diusir dari Skuat Olimpiade

Michel Morganella 

Swiss men's soccer team defender Michel Morganella issue of the London 2012 Olympic squad, because it throws the racist comments over the social network, Twitter.
The racist comments directed to the people of South Korea after South Korea ousted Switzerland 1-2 in the continuation of the group B on Sunday (7/29/2012) at The City of Coventry.
The post also got a variety of responses. Morganella then delete the account and deliver the apology.
"I have made a big mistake. I want to apologize to the people in South Korea and their teams as well as to delegations of Switzerland and Swiss football in general, "said 23 year-old youth as reported by the BBC.
Meanwhile, the Swiss head coach, Gian Gilli assess the actions of the players has been tarnished his team Palermo. "He does discrimination, insulting, and violate the dignity persepakbolan South Korea and its people," says Gilli.
Morganella previously been played in two group stage matches against Gabon and South Korea. Switzerland had reached a point from two games. Switzerland must win over Mexico at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Wednesday (01/08/2012) early morning hrs.

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