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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Information Monitor 2012 Olympics With These Four Applications

Pantau Informasi Olimpiade 2012 Dengan Empat Aplikasi Ini

applications Oplanner

For nearly two weeks, the world's attention was drawn to London, England, where the world's biggest sporting event is ongoing.

For those of you who do not want to miss any information relating to the 2012 Olympics, there are many options a smart phone application that will give all the information you need from the latest news from every game, live feed to the fixture list.

These four applications for the Olympics, as quoted by Mashable site. :

A. PlayUp
With this application, you will update the latest news in real-time Olympics. Live feed on the application of this IOS can also be set based on the location you choose. For example if you are in Indonesia, the latest results of Indonesia country team was the one who would appear at first.
Price: Free

2.Reuters Olympics London 2012
For you lovers of photography, Reuters apps for the iPad and iPhone is perfect for you. This application will give you the latest photos of the best moments of the 2012 Olympics.
Price: Free

3. NBC Olympics
NBC, as one official channels broadcasting the Olympics for North America, giving you the latest information from the Olympic Games in application version (available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android)
Price: Free

4. OPlanner
This IOS-based application will allow you to access all the information about the Olympics.
Equipped with game schedule, you can look it up under the name of sport, date, local time to sex. Plus, you can activate a reminder event you wish to watch and share information with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
Price: U.S. $ 0.99

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