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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

London Olympics 2012 in figures

Stonehenge World Heritage Site at the torch lit by park event of natural fire, which became part of London Festival 2012 in Salisbury, England, Tuesday (10/7), to welcome the Olympic Games. (REUTERS / Kieran Doherty)

There are many figures in the 2012 Olympics in London, England, on July 27 to August 5 the next, there are 10 490 athletes including leading London and 70 sheep flocks that will take part in the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony on July 27.

AFP summarizes the interesting figures related to the London Olympics as follows:

A total of 11 MILLION TICKETS for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, 75 percent will be sold to the audience in the UK. The sponsors, officials and broadcasters to buy 13 percent of ticket-tiker that, while the remaining 12 percent can be purchased through the National Olympic Committees in other countries.

A total of 9.3 billion pounds (14.5 billion U.S. dollars) was spent on the Olympics, nearly four times the cost estimate for the Olympics when Britain tried to host in 2005. Security activities to cost approximately 553 million pounds, while the opening and closing ceremonies swallow a budget of 81 million pounds. See More>>

A total of 10 490 Athletes will compete in 26 Olympic disciplines with a total of 302 medals at stake. They will be the target of anti-doping tests 5000. In addition there are 4200 Paralympic athletes who join the fight over 503 medals in 20 different sports.

A MILLION EQUIPMENT EXERCISE EQUIPMENT 26 400 consisting of a tennis ball, basketball 600 and 6,000 have been purchased for the target arrow Olympic equipment.

Of 150,000 condoms will be provided for athletes in the Olympic village.

SPORTS ARENA A total of 34 throughout the UK, including nine in the arena of Olympic Park in east London, used for the match.

Construction of Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park in the center of it, took three years and uses 10,000 tons of steel.

Arenas of the game also comes with 10,000 emergency TOILET according to organizers' sufficient to meet the need for toilets for the whole population of Malta. "

TWO MILLION PEOPLE WILL VISIT LONDON to watch the Olympic games, the Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson.

The visitors will make 15 million trips by using public transport system in London on the busiest day at the Olympics.

A total of 14 MILLION FOOD will be served at the Olympic Games, using 25 000 pieces of bread, 100 tonnes of meat, 75,000 liters of milk and 330 tons of fruits and vegetables.

A total of 46 000 BUILDING WORKERS build Olympic Park and Village athletes, and the Olympics itself will involve some 200,000 workers, including 100,000 volunteers and 70,000 contractors.

ALONG ROUTE 12 875 MILES FOR OLYMPICS torch relay. It has brought the Olympic flame around the UK in 10 weeks, with an average travel along the 177 miles a day.

A total of 70 sheep, 12 HORSE, THREE COWS, GOATS TWO, AND THREE CHICKEN 10 sheep-dog will be involved in the opening ceremony next Friday, when the Olympic Stadium will be transformed into a place in the English countryside nuanced.

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