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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic game schedule today

Michael Phelps (Reuters)

London 2012 Olympic Games has entered its fifth day. Has 53 medals fell the hands of the athletes from 43 countries a total of 204 countries this time Olympic.

On the fourth day, Michael Phelps became an Olympic athlete worthy of the greatest of all time after the U.S. men's relay team won the men's 4x200 meter pm last Wednesday morning. Phelps succeeded in collecting 19 medals. See More>>

The greatness of the name of Phelps will be more great if he returned today to win a medal, especially gold, because he's still going down on two more numbers, each of the 100m freestyle and 200m backstroke.

Here's the schedule of the Olympic Games this Wednesday (in Indonesia held the match until Thursday morning local time), as quoted by Reuters.
On this day would be a determination for the fastest man in the pool on the final men's 100m freestyle, as well as final in men's 200m backstroke and 4x200 freestyle relay in which the swimmer's daughter named Ranomi Kromowidjojo Javanese descent participating in a race to strengthen the Dutch team

Olympic champion three times Kohei Uchimura who helped Japan win the silver medal team numbers last Monday, will be the favorite to win gold in the all the tools

Bradley Wiggins is likely to add Olympic gold to the number of time trial Tour de France champion and three-time Olympic champion in this contract number. In women, the German rider Judith Arndt will be the favorite daughter of a number of trial time, but he will be Playing the exciting competition of the flagship host world champion Emma Pooley and Kristin Armstrong is the number of United States

One of the exciting match today on this branch of the U.S. women team meetings against China

Defending champions Norway's Olympic team and the daughter of Olympic bronze medalist South Korea was in the third round, while four-time world champion Russia will face Croatia.

For weeks a number of U.S. experts praise Rafalca, Olympic horse ridden by U.S. equestrian athletes Ann Romney, who will face the exciting challenge of a team of Great Britain and Germany.

World number one and compatriot Ding Ning Li Xiaoxia will face each other on the "All-Chinese final" on the women's singles at the ExCel Centre in the center of increasingly dominannnya Asian athletes in the competition this time.

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