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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Resurrection of the U.S. women gymnastics team

One of the backbone of the U.S. gymnastics team, Jordyn Wieber, with joy after his team get the gold from the number of teams (Reuters)

LONDON - Team USA women earn gold through gymnastics Tuesday evening, as well as a branch of the first gold since the Magnificent Seven print at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Russia is in second pringkat with silver, while Romania menemati third place bronze medal.

The United States has dominated since the qualifying round, but their men's team did not like his daughter team. They appear on the final disappointing son and is in fifth place in the final standings.

"We do not really have the interest to obtain numbers," said one team member's daughter, Jordyn Wieber defending champion athlete who is also quoted as saying by AFP.

He added, "We just know we have an important game and we have been practicing. After the gymnastics floor, we are very happy to look good,"

The victory was very sweet, especially for Wieber who had lost in the last individual all-around. American team was lucky to have Alexandra Raisman could be their key to victory.

The total score wins the daughter of the American team is 183 596 points, it even has the distinction of 5066 points from Russia who is ranked second.

"When we cry disappointed early in the game, but the tears are tears of excitement (as a silver medal)," said one Russian athletes, Aliya Mustafina which is a world champion in 2010.

Sadness would befall Britain daughter team who could not repeat their successful men's team bronze. The heroine's gymnastics must be content with sixth place behind Canada. While England have failed to repeat the success achieved bronze yesterday.

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